Tooth Extraction

In cases of severe tooth decay, teeth may need to be extracted to stop the spread of infection and relieve the patient of intense pain. Wisdom teeth may also need to be extracted if they are impacted and pushing on the neighbouring teeth, causing discomfort.

At Streatham Dental Centre, our team is skilled in performing tooth extraction procedures with the utmost care and precision. Depending on your particular case and the severity of your problem, you will be given anaesthetic and offered sedation if you are anxious.

It is important to always get the advice of a dental professional if you are worried about any of your teeth. Never attempt to pull out your own tooth out at home as this could cause a more serious problem for you. At our practice we have the correct equipment and sterile environment in which to perform this type of procedure for the best results and a quick recovery.

In the case of wisdom teeth extractions you may have some swelling after the procedure and discomfort that can be eased with over the counter painkillers.